A headshot of Trey


A model of Trey

Mike "Trey" Stevens is a random character featured in the mod.


Trey Stevens was born in 1995 in Philladelphia. His mother died early in his life due to unspecified reasons, thus leaving his father to raise him. His father worked long hours as a carpenter, thus leaving Trey on his own. As such, he pursued many odd interests, such as computer scripting and conspiracy theories. He eventually met Lis, Kane, and Todd in high school and befriended them, eventually graduating high school and living in his father's basement. He currently works at the local hobby shop.


Trey, much like his friend Todd, appears as a stoner at first glance, considering his near monotone voice and slow reactions. However, he is a die-hard conspiracy theorist, believing that aliens and ghosts are going to invade the town. He is also slightly delusional, believing himself to be a real-life ninja. Despite his shortcomings, Trey is a loyal friend to Lis and proves his worth by fulfiling the "tech" aspect of her gang and helping them out with their activities, including letting Cunt stay in his basement, although rather reluctant about it.


  • Trey's name is a mix of two charatcers from the novel "Ghosts/Aliens", Trey Hamburger and Mike Stevens. Another reference to the book is the fact that the characters in the book are preparing themselves for an alien invasion, much like Trey does throughout the course of his missions.
  • Trey can be found outside of his missions at the hobby store, maning the cash register. As such, he will greet Lis as she enters the store and so fourth.
  • Trey's vehicle of choice is a Menschenauto T2 painted in matte black with rust and other signs of disrepair.
  • Trey collects pins and buttons, many of which can be seen on his vest.