Throw It Down is a mission in the mod.


  • Win the race


Lis enters the train yard and walks up to Chris and a group of other street racers leaning up against their cars, all dressed in a cybergoth fashion. Upon her arrival, one of the other street racers notices Lis

Racer: Hey, there's that chick you were telling us about.

Chris: Yeah, I thought she wouldn't have the balls to show up.

Lis: I don't have balls, so-

Racer: You don't have the ovaries then!

Lis: *Confused* What?

Chris: *Over Lis* Yeah, happy hardcore shit!

All of the other racers point at Lis and sing "Rainbow In The Sky" in a mocking tone

Chris & Others: I wanna see the rainbow high in the sky, I wanna see you and me on a bird flying away-

Lis: Look, cocksucker, do you wanna race or just throw jokes all day? I've got some pretty nice things to say about your goth shit.

Racer: At least we don't wear trackpants all day like a fucking Russian!

Lis: Leck meine Muschi. *Lick my pussy*

Chris: *To other Racer, Over Lis* Hey, Terence, shut up. *To Lis* Alright, you wanna race? Let's have a race.

Lis: About fucking time. Where we going to?

Chris: You know that coal mine by your town?

Lis: Yeah?

Chris: Yeah, get your car ready, first one there's the winner.

Lis: A'ight.

Lis shrugs and walks to her car

The player gains control of Lis, who is now in her car, lined up with other racers. The player is instructed to drive to the mine and win the race

The player wins the race. After winning the race, Lis yells out to herself

Lis: Ha! Fucking goth cunts!

Mission passed. After passing the mission, Lis gets a call from an "unknown caller"

Lis:  Hello?

Chris: Surprise, bi-atch!

Lis: Chris? How the fuck did you get my number?

Chris: I heard it through the grapevine, cheeky cunt. Anyway, my buddies want a rematch-

Lis: What else is there to prove? I beat you-

Chris: But you beat me in a car, yeah? We wanna see if you can handle a bike, since cars are for pussies.

Lis: If cars are for pussies, why'd you race in one?

Chris: Doesn't matter. Bring a bike to the gas station or else your ass is grass.

Lis: Alright, I'll be there. I guess I'll be looking for the punks wearing phat pants and throwing glowsticks like they're having a stroke?

Lis hangs up