The school's mascot, the "Fighting Reagans".

Shaniqua Washington High is a high school in the game.


Shaniqua Washington High was founded in 1967 as "Lewis Yates Senior High", but it's name was changed in 1994 when Shaniqua Washington, a former student, was the only victim of a school shooting by a disgruntled student. Said student took a bolt action rifle and tried to shoot a bully, but missed and shot her. When he tried to pull back the bolt, he was tackled and arrested.

Lis, Kane, Todd, and Trey all attended the high school. Kane dropped out to join the army and the other three barely passed their classes, being known for slacking and skipping classes. During the events of the game, the school is empty (as the game takes place during summer) except for some local teenagers.


The school is based off Frosch Elementary in terms of architecture and layout. There is also an athletic field behind the school, near the parking lot.