For the evaluation of the idea of the game's design, we need to design a playable prototype.


Once the prototype/demo is loaded up, the player spawns in Lis' bedroom, showing the animation of her getting out of bed. After waking up, the player can either interact with items in the safehouse such as the wardrobe, refridgerator, etc. or direct Lis in any direction in her house. However, all of the exits to the outside are blocked with markers that trigger missions, which are as follows:


The mission "Stalker" is activated when the player directs Lis to her rear patio door.

The mission will begin with the opening cutscene for the mission at Shabimbim's Model Train Extravaganza and ends when the person being followed reaches a group of parked cars on the side of the road (an ambush in the actual mission). This mission is to teach the basics of driving and, to a lesser extent, walking. 

Scouting The WarehouseEdit

The mission "Scouting The Warehouse" is activated when the player directs Lis to her front door.

The mission begins with Lis walking into the office of the warehouse and talking to the manager, and ends with Lis being chased out by a security guard, ending with the final two lines of dialogue from the guard and Lis (Trespassing's a criminal offense, I can get you jailed! ; Sucking cock is a criminal offense!). The mission is to showcase more in-depth walking and the abilities of the phone, being used for much more than a map.

Another One Bites The DustEdit

The mission "Another One Bites The Dust" is activated when the player directs Lis to the garage door.

The mission begins with Lis' arrival at the trailer park in her Capital and, following a shootout with bikers, ends with Lis finding a grenade launcher and shooting it into a trailer. Even though this contrasts the original mission (in which a grenade is simply shot into the trailer), the addition of a shootout can showcase new mechanics such as the cover system and third person shooting.


After completing all three missions, the player is treated to a credits scene, which shows Lis, Trey, and Todd gabber dancing in front of Lis' car as "Always Hardcore" by Bodylotion plays (or failing that, a custom instrumental version). Not many people will be listed in the credits, given the current size of the team. If anything, it'll consists of a few mappers/programmers and voice actors for the main characters.


The prototype will be used to find out if people would be interested in that game and it will be released as a free demo/example/promo, could be posted on GTAForums, FP, steam, etc. If it generates favourable attitude, then a kickstarter should be launched. The kickstarter can be used to raise funds to license songs for the soundtrack, hire more team members, and so forth.