Neil, staring longingly at something.

Neil Myall is a main character in the game.


Neil Myall was born in 1969. Not wanting to work in the coal mine after graduating high school, he joined the army in 1987 and became a paratrooper in the 82nd Airborne Division, seeing combat in Panama during Operation Just Cause, which he earned a Medal of Honor and a Purple Heart after getting shot in the shin.

After leaving the army, he inhertited His father's house and married his high school girlfriend, Sarah, a doctor. Unable to find steady work, he got a job at the local 6-Nine convenience store.


Neil is a higly cynical person, considering his past heroism in the military and his current "dead-end" situation. He is quick to defend the defenseless and unfortunante. Despite his calm and laid-back personality, he has an explosive temper, which is seen whenever he is betrayed, manipulated, or threatened. He is very protective of his family and their friends, such as his nephew Todd and his friend, Lis.

Neil, as referenced by other people, is obsessed with culture of the 1970s. For example, he has a large collection of vinyl records from that era, sports a very outdated mullet and mustache (which is the butt of many jokes, much to Neil's chargin), and uses slang words from that era frequently, such as "bummer", "keep on trucking", and reffering to police as "pigs".


Neil is based off Huub Smit's apperance in "New Kids" as far as his apperance goes, such as the blonde mullet, mustacne, and so forth. While he is working at the convenience store, he wears ared & black button up shirt with his name tag, blue stonewashed jeans, and jungle boots.

When he is not working, he keeps the same outfit, albeit replacing the work shirt with a denim shirt with rolled up sleeves and adding a US Army ballcap.


  • Neil's default vehicle is an Apache.
  • Neil has a large model railroad in his garage, which he claims to have started when he was a teenager.
  • Neil will sometimes state that his favorite band is "Crosby, Stills, & Nash.