Lis' House is a location in the game.


Lis' House, located on 16 Wyatt Drive, is the primary residence for Lis Seiler and her family, who purchased it after moving to America in 2000. The house is depicted as a raised ranch house, with brick walls on the bottom story and tan paneling making up the top part. Records show that the house was one of the many houses created en masse during the early 1950's to take advantage of the coal mine boom, and later, the local meatball factory.

The TourEdit

First FloorEdit

The first floor of the house includes a two-car garage where Lis' parent's 420 is parked. The garage is attatched to a hallway which leads to a staircase to the second story and a locked door.

The door is always locked during the events of the game and the player is unable to view inside. The purpose of the room is never consistent, often changing during each discussion. Answers to the room's purpose hint to it being a spare bedroom, storage for christmas ornaments and a ping-pong table, a fetish dungeon, and even Lis herself not knowing what is in the room.

Second FloorEdit

The second floor is home to most of the house's amenities, such as the living room, the kitchen, and bathroom. The fridge in the kitchen can be used by the player to get a chocolate bar, a soda, or a ham sandwich to restore the player's health. The television in the living room can also be turned on, but the only viewable channel is the "Waymuu Network", which broadcasts psychadelic patterns with audiobooks played over them.

Lis' room is on the second floor, which has the player's bed (which is used for the player to sleep and advance time), the wardrobe (which is used to change Lis' outfit), and a computer (which is used to browse the in-game internet). The decor of the room reflects Lis' personality, with various video game posters & maps plastered all over the walls, a collection of happy hardcore records near a record player on Lis' desk, and a large German flag hung over Lis' bed.


Not much is to be said about the yard. There is a patio deck on both stories, along with a charcoal grill and an above-ground pool. Clearly, Lis is the person to go to for cookouts.