Have A Drink is a mission in the game.


  • Drive to the cabin
  • Kill the FBI agents
  • Chase and kill the defector


Lis walks into the biker bar and finds Rob, sitting at the bar and looking sad. Lis sits next to her and makes conversation with him

Lis: Rob, you got anything you want me to do?

Rob: Eh...nothing much. I've just been sitting here, thinking.

Lis: Thinking you're gonna tell me my debt's been paid off and I can go-

Rob: No. Fuck no, not that. Just this guy who used to ride with us.

Lis: What'd he do?

Rob: I don't know why, and don't expect me to tell you 'cause I don't know-

Lis: I get that-

Rob: *Interrupting Lis* But he's going states. The FBI's got him set up in a nice cabin in the woods down by the river, and then he's gonna testify, we all go down, he gets moved into witness protection and gets a white picket fence somewhere in Oregon.

Lis: And this is a concern to me...why?

Rob: One, you still got that debt of yours. Second of all, if his trial's tomorrow, he's got evidence against me-

Lis grins

Lis: And he's got evidence of you somewhere on his wire.

Lis stops grinning

Lis: Right, I see now. I guess you want me to go over there, put a stop to his testimony?

Rob: Yeah, please do.

Lis walks out of the bar as Rob takes a drink of his beer can

The player gains control of Lis. The player is instructed to drive to the cabin by the river

The player arrives at the cabin. The player is then instructed to kill the FBI agents surrounding the cabin. While doing so, Lis yells out to them

Lis: Rob Callahan sends his regards!

The player kills all the agents. The player is then instructed to chase and kill the defector, who is escaping on a dirtbike. When Lis sees him, Lis calls out to him

Lis: You must be the guy I'm here for!

The player is instructed to chase and kill the defector. During the chase, the defector drives around the woods, down a rail line, and into a truck stop where, if the player didn't kill him already, runs into a semi truck pulling out of a parking spot and kills him instantly. If this happens, Lis comments on it herself

Lis: Holy shit! Just like Duane Allman!

Mission Passed