Crazy Vitaly

Crazy Vitaly is a character in the mod.


Crazy Vitaly, also known as Vitaly Pohmel was born in Krasnodar and opened up a used car lot, but was arrested after comiting odometer fraud. Vitaly then moved to America, opening up a used car lot called "Crazy Vitaly's Used Cars". He employs Lis Seiler in a few random character missions.


*Easy Does It - Lis meets Vitaly standing outside of his dealership, checking his phone and complaining about how bad the service is. Vitaly recognizes Lis from having sold her parents the car Lis currently drives. Lis then asks if he sold her parents the car they drive, to which Vitaly slips and admits that their car was stolen. Vitaly, realizing his mistake, tries to buy Lis' silence by giving her a job. Lis asks about the nature of the job, to which Vitaly states it involves stealing a car that one of Vitaly's customers is looking for.

Lis drives to where Vitaly tells her to go - a dirtbike track outside of town, and to steal a dirtbike to be sold on the lot. Lis steals the dirtbike , either loses or kills pursuing dirtbike riders, and delivers the bike to Vitaly. Vitaly thanks Lis for her work, and goes into his office to do some "paperwork".