Chronic Schizophrenia is an oddjob in the game given by Lis' Conscious in the woods.

It should be worth noting that Lis' conscious is an expy of Lis, but with different colored clothing and hair.


Lis is While walking through the woods when she comes across a small pond. The stands by the pond and looks into it to see her reflection. As she looks in, she sees her conscious behind her. Lis quickly looks behind her as she meets her conscious. Lis screams in terror as her conscious greets her

Conscious: Hey, amigo.

Lis: Who the fuck are you!? You came out of fucking nowhere!

Conscious: I know who you are, amigo. I go with you everywhere you go.

Lis: That's bullshit! I mean, I don't remember seeing you there at my graduation, or the other night, or...why do you look like me?

Conscious: Because I am you.

Lis: What?

Conscious: That's right Lis, I am you. I've got everything you got, from your antisocial personality to your massive amounts of track pants.

Lis: *Loudly inhales and exhales* Alright, I'm kinda freaking out here. Who are you, how do you know me-

Conscious: *Interrupting* Now give me a second, okay? Sometimes, I wish I knew more about people, you know? Knew more about my family, my enemies, my friends Trey and Todd-

Lis: You know them?

Conscious: Of course I do. They were my first friends since I came here.

Lis: That's impossible, I ain't seen you around here, ever!

Conscious: *Frustratedly* Cut the shit out, Elisabeth. What part of "I'm you" don't you understand, alright? I'm your fucking conscious. I'm with you everywhere you go. I see everything you do, I think your every thoughts-

Lis: Bullshit! What'm I thinking of now?

Conscious: How you can avoid this conversation so you can get back to your video games, soda pop, and petting yourself.

Lis thinks for a few seconds with a puzzled look on her face before addressing her conscious

Lis: This is bullshit, I'm out of here.

Conscious: No, you're not. I need you to do something for me.

Lis: Who do you think I am, your dog?

Conscious: I know what you are. How about this...I'll let you go home, play your videos, drink your pop, whatever you want to do, alright? When you're done, go out by the mine and find me. I'll be looking for you.

Lis' conscious walks into the pond and becomes submerged. Lis waits around for a few seconds and puts her foot into the pond, only to find out the pond is shallow and goes up to her ankles. Lis shrugs and mutters to herself

Lis: Damn, that was some scary ghost shit or something.

Mission Passed